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Thiruvananthapuram, the jewel in the emerald necklace that Kerala is for the Indian sub-continent, must surely have been a must-see destination for ages, long before National Geographic Traveller classified it as one. Surely, long before Sage Parasurama, according to local legend, threw his divine battle axe from Kanyakumari to Gokarnam to wrest Kerala, ‘God’s Own Land’ from Varuna the Sea God; before the times of mythical Mahabali the democratic and just ruler of this wonderful land who was sent down to the netherworld through deceit. It doesn’t take any flights of fancy to imagine that this land fired the imaginations of intrepid travellers and explorers like Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Marco Polo, Fa Hien, and quite possibly, countless others from the pages of history, recorded or not.

Distance to Major cities and tourist attractions :   – • Kanyakumarri – 101 KM • Kollam – 87 KM • Marari – 186 KM • Alleppey – 171 KM • Kumarakom – 210 KM • Cochin – 224 KM • Trivandrum Airport – 14 KM

Climate :– In Summer, the minimum is 30*C & Maximum is 40*C – In Winter, the minimum is 22*C & Maximum is 32*C

District Collector  : Tel: 0471-2731177 ,0471- 2731166 (Fax), 9447700222 (M)
District Police Chief [ DIG ] Tel: 0471- 2320579 ( Thiruvananthapuram City )
District Police Chief  : Tel: 0471- 2300303 ( Thiruvananthapuram Rural )

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