The rent and restaurant bill were not paid; Actor Kalidas Jayaram was detained at a Hotel

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Actor Kalidas  Jayaram and his gang were stopped at a hotel in Munnar. The incident took place after the film production company did not pay the bill. The producers did not pay the bill of the group who stayed at the hotel to shoot the Tamil web series. The incident happened on Thursday. More than Rs 1 lakh had to be paid for  room rent and food. The film production company informed the hotel authorities that there were some technical issues with the bank and that the money would be paid tomorrow, but the hotel owner refused to accept this. The group and the hoteliers then got into an argument and proceeded to close the gate
When the police finally arrived on the scene, the producers paid half the price. The police reached an agreement on the assurance that the rest of the amount would be paid before leaving the hotel. Kalidas Jayaram had left the hotel before the police arrived.

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