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Kasaragod:  Lying at the northern tip of Kerala bounded by the Western Ghats in the east and Arabian sea in the west; twelve rivers flowing across its terrain, Kasaragod is an enchanting beauty of Nature’s creations. There are different views on the derivation of the name “KASARAGOD”. One view is that it is the combination of two Sanskrit words Kaasaara (which means lake or pond) and Kroda (which means a place where treasure is kept). Another view is that it is the place where Kaasaraka trees (Strychnos nux vomica or Kaanjiram or Kaaraskara) are in abundance. Both views are relevant as there are large number of rivers, lakes and ponds in the coastal belt of the district besides thick flora consisting of innumerable varieties of trees, shrubs etc. particularly plenty of Kaasaraka trees. Many Arab travellers, who came to Kerala between 9th and 14th centuries A.D., visited Kasaragod as it was then an important trade centre. They called this area Harkwillia. Mr. Barbose, the Portuguese traveller,who visited Kumbla near Kasaragod in 1514, had recorded that rice was exported to Male Island whence coir was imported. Dr.Francis Buchanan, who was the family doctor of Lord Wellesly, visited Kasaragod in 1800. In his travelogue, he has included information on the political and communal set-up in places like Athiparamba, Kavvai, Nileshwar, Bekkal, Chandragiri and Manjeshwar.

Climate : The region is enjoying a tropical to sub tropical climate. Generally the west coast experience seasonal reversal of wind circulation, which constitutes the monsoon. The climate condition can be divided into four seasons.

Winter – January to February
Hot weather – March to May
South west Monsoon – June to September
North east Monsoon – October to November
The average maximum and minimum temperatures are 37 degree Celsius and 17 degree Celsius respectively.
The district receives an annual average rainfall of 3350 mm.
Wind speed is high during the period from March to June and low during September to December.
The period from June to August experiences two-thirds of the total rain fall.

District Collector : Tel: 04994-256400 , 04994-255833(F) , 9447496600 (M)
Kasaragod MP : Rajmohan Unnithan Tel :0467 2951800
District Police Chief :  Tel: 04994- 257401, Mob: 9497996972
District Panchayat President :  04994 – 256722 Mob: 9447448727
Deputy Collector (Gnl.)/ADM : 04994 – 255833 Mob: 9447726900
DMO, Kasaragod at Kanhangad : 04672 – 209433 Mob: 9946105497


  • Citizen’s Call center : 155300
  • Cyber Cell : 0471-2449090
  • Water Authority : 0487-2333070
  • Child Helpline : 1098
  • R.T.O helpline : 8547639108
  • Excise Helpline : 0487-2361237
  • Women Helpline : 1091
  • Police helpline : 100
  • Food Adulteration : 8943346188

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