Council of Ministers

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Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan
Chief Minister

Portfolios : General Administration All India Services Planning and Economic Affairs Science, Technology and Environment Pollution Control Scientific Institutes Personnel and Administrative Reforms Election Integration Information Technology Sainik Welfare Distress Relief State Hospitality Airports Metro RailInter – State River Waters Coastal Shipping and Inland Navigation Kerala State Inland Navigation Corporation Information and Public RelationsNon- Resident Keralites’ Affairs Home Vigilance Administration of Civil and Criminal Justice Fire and Rescue Services Prisons Printing and Stationery Welfare of Minorities All important policy matters Subjects not mentioned elsewhere 

Office: Room No.141 3rd Floor, North Block, Government Secretariat ,Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 23321840471- 23332410471- 2333610
Fax: 0471- 2333489 E-mail:
(Please do not forward any Grievances or CMDRF requests to this mail.)
Shri. K. Rajan
Minister for Revenue and Housing
Abbreviation : M (R&H) 
Portfolios:  Land Revenue, Survey and Land Records, Land Reforms, Housing
Room No. 140,2nd Floor North ,Block Secretariat ,Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2518187, 2333670
Shri. Roshy Augustine
Minister for Water Resources
Abbreviation : M (WR)
Portfolios:  Irrigation, CADA, Ground Water Development, Water Supply and Sanitation
Room No. 129,1st Floor, North Block ,Secretariat,Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471-2333487, E-mail:
Shri. K. Krishnankutty
Minister for Electricity 
Abbreviation: M (Ele.)
Portfolios:  Electricity ANERT
Room No. 208,2nd Floor,North Sandwich Block ,Secretariat ,Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471-2321228, E-mail:,
Shri. A. K. Saseendran
Minister for Forest and Wildlife
Abbreviation: M (F&W)
Portfolios:  Forests,Wild Life Protection
Room No. 358, 1st Floor ,Main Block,Secretariat,Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2518178, 2333294, 2333176 E-mail:
Shri. Ahammad Devarkovil
Minister for Ports, Museums and Archaeology  
Abbreviation: M(P,M&A)
Portfolios:  Ports ,Museums, Archaeology, Archives
Room No. 603,6th Floor, Annexe- 1,Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2327135, E-mail:
Adv. Antony Raju
Minister for Transport
Abbreviation: M (Tr.)
Portfolios:  Road Transport ,Motor Vehicles, Water Transport
Room No. S-301 (Old-647)3rd Floor ,South Block ,Secretariat , Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471 2518221,E-mail:
Shri. V. Abdurahiman
Minister for Sports, Wakf and Haj Pilgrimage
Abbreviation: M(S&W)
Portfolios: Sports, Wakf and Haj Pilgrimage, Posts & Telegraphs, Railways
Room No. SS-306 ,3rd Floor South Sandwich Block , Secretariat Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2333526, E-mail:
Adv. G. R. Anil
Minister for Food and Civil Supplies
Abbreviation: M (F&CS)
Portfolios: Food and Civil Supplies, Consumer Affairs, Legal Metrology 
Room No. S-210(Old-644)2nd Floor , South Block, Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2333371, E-mail:
Shri. K. N. Balagopal
Minister for Finance
Abbreviation: M(Fin.)
Portfolios: Finance, National Savings, Stores Purchase, Commercial Taxes, Agricultural Income Tax,Treasuries, Lotteries, State Audit, Kerala State Financial Enterprises, State Insurance, Kerala Financial Corporation, Stamps and Stamp Duties 
Room No. 131, 2nd Floor ,North Block, Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram– 695001,
Tel: 0471- 2518004, 2333294 , E-mail:
Prof. R Bindu
Minister for Higher Education and Social Justice 
Abbreviation: M(H.Edn & SJ)
Portfolios: Collegiate Education, Technical Education, Universities (Except Agriculture, Veterinary, Fisheries, Medical and Digital Universities), Entrance Examinations, National Cadet Corps, Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP), Social Justice
Room No. 301, 3rd Floor ,Annexe- 2, Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2518265, E-mail:
Smt. J. Chinchurani
Minister for Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development 
Abbreviation: M (AH&DD)
Portfolios: Animal Husbandry ,Dairy Development Milk Co-operatives ,Zoos Kerala Veterinary & Animal Sciences University
Room No. 5015th Floor,Annexe- 2, Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471 2335366, E-mail:
Shri. M. V. Govindan Master
Minister for Local Self Governments, Rural Development and Excise
Abbreviation: M( LSG,RD&E)
Portfolios: Local Self Dept, Rural Development and Excise – Panchayats, Municipalities and Corporations, Rural Development, Town Planning, Regional Development Authorities, KILA 
Room No. 501C,5th Floor,Annexe-1,Secretariat,Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471-2332700,E-mail:
Adv. P. A. Mohamed Riyas
Minister for Public Works and Tourism
Abbreviation: M(W&T)
Portfolios: Public Works Department, Tourism
Room No. 601,6th Floor, Annexe- 2,Secretariat,Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2517152, E-mail:
Shri. P. Prasad
Minister for Agriculture
Abbreviation: M (Agri)
Portfolios: Agriculture, Soil Survey & Soil Conservation, Kerala Agriculture University, Warehousing Corporation 
Room No. 101,1st Floor,Annexe- 2,Secretariat,Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2333091, E-mail:
Shri. K. Radhakrishnan
Minister for Welfare of Scheduled Castes,
Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes & Devaswoms
Abbreviation: M(SC/ST, BC&D)
Portfolios: Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes, Devaswoms, Parliamentary Affairs
Room No. 118,1st Floor,North Block,Secretariat,Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2518594,E-mail:
Shri. P. Rajeeve
Minister for Law, Industries and Coir 
Abbreviation: M(Law, Ind & Coir)
Portfolios: Law, Industries (Including Industrial co-operatives),Commerce, Mining and Geology, Handlooms and Textiles, Khadi & Village Industries, Coir, Cashew Industry, Plantation Directorate
Room No. 216,3rd Floor,North Sandwich Block,Secretariat,Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2517346,E-mail:
Shri. Saji Cherian
Minister for Fisheries, Culture and Youth Affairs
Abbreviation: M(F,C&YA)
Portfolios: Fisheries, Harbour Engineering, Fisheries University, Culture, Kerala State Film Development Corporation, Kerala State Chalachitra Academy & Kerala State Cultural Activists Welfare Fund Board, Youth Affairs
Room No. 401,4th Floor,Annexe- 1,Secretariat,Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2518333E-mail:
Shri. V. Sivankutty
Minister for General Education and Labour
Abbreviation: M(G.Edn&L)
Portfolios: Employment and Training, Skills, Rehabilitation, Factories and Boilers, Insurance Medical Service, Industrial Tribunals, Labour Courts
Room No. 201,2nd Floor,Annexe -2,Secretariat,Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2517048E-mail: 
Shri. V. N. Vasavan
Minister for Co-operation  and Registration
Abbreviation: M (Coop& Reg)
Portfolios: Co-operation ,Registration
Room No. 397,1st Floor,Main Block,Secretariat,Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471-2333833, 2331685,E-mail:
Smt. Veena George
Minister for Health and Woman and Child Development
Abbreviation: M(H&WCD)
Portfolios: Health, Family Welfare Medical Education, Medical University, Indigenous Medicine, AYUSH, Drugs Control, Woman & Child Welfare
Room No. 7017th Floor,Annexe-2,Secretariat,Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2327876, 2327976,E-mail:


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